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Your new Wick Manufactured or Modular home is built entirely within the Wick factory in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Each operation is done by highly skilled workers trained in their specific jobs. Production moves along quickly and efficiently with equipment and materials at each worker's fingertips. There are no delays waiting for plumbers, electricians or drywall crews as encountered on most site-built projects.

Wick Building Systems sets the industry standard for top quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. A Wick Manufactured or Modular home is strong, durable and attractive.

A Wick Manufactured or Modular home is designed and built to be superior. With proper care and maintenance, it will actually appreciate in value.

The exterior of a Wick Manufactured or Modular home features tough vinyl siding over a wood underlayment that's structurally rated for top strength. And it's a model of energy efficiency. Wick's highly efficient floor, wall and ceiling insulation make your home easy to heat in winter and cooler in summer - saving you money!

A home that's livable while you own it, and keeps it's quality and durability for higher resale - that's the Wick value.

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Wick had the first 10 year limited warranty in the industry.



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